The new
Freedom® System

Innovative hot melt
dispensing system
for the packaging

What is Freedom®?

The Freedom solution is an integrated hot melt dispensing system for the packaging industry.
The combination of Nordson’s state-of-the-art dispensing equipment and Henkel’s high
performance adhesives are leading to a new generation of hot melt technology.
The Freedom solution defines a new level of convenience, security and
efficiency in industrial bonding processes.

The six freedoms

Nordson and Henkel have developed a complete system that addresses challenges packagers face daily. The Freedom system provides you with:
  • Freedom from downtime

    associated with char and contamination
  • Freedom from parent machine mounting

    and integration limitations
  • Freedom from manual adhesive filling

  • Freedom from confusing controls and diagnostics

  • Freedom from adhesive availability concerns

  • Freedom from excessive adhesive use


Freedom savings

16 %

Cost of lost production from:

nozzle clogs / troubleshooting complex
controls / empty melter tanks
32 %

Adhesive savings

with integrated intermittent
bead capability
48 %

Adhesive savings From:

overfilling hot melt / spilled hot melt
64 %

Cost of replacement
nozzles and filters

80 %

Cost of labor

to unclog nozzles and
troubleshoot controls
100 %

Operator training costs


The Freedom Equipment

The Freedom hot melt dispensing system is a state-of-the-art technology for adhesive applications in the packaging industry. Freedom certified adhesives are high performing solutions for the tankless melting system. Integrated Freedom system components and Freedom-certified adhesives work together for maximum performance to reduce operating costs and system downtime.


  • 1Optix™ Touch Screen Controls
  • 4Freedom Series RediFlex™ Hoses
  • 2Freedom Tankless Melter
  • 5Freedom Series Applicators
  • 3Integrated Adhesive Filling

Certified Adhesives

Freedom Certified Adhesives from Henkel have been specially formulated to
work with the Freedom system. Specifically designed for efficient, high-quality
and sustainable application usage to generate a competitive advantage
for our customers in the packaging market:
flow behavior
reduced downtime
& longer service life
optimal adhesive
Improved flow behavior to
prevent adhesive from
"bridging" or agglomerating
and clogging fill systems.
Less char means reduced
downtime for cleaning and
maintenance and a longer
service life of nozzles,
pumps, hoses and filters.
Designed for optimal
adhesive consumption.

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